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Carpet tiles are known as square carpets on most commonly in the industry as modular carpets .Carpet tiles are precisely cut using the best technology from carpet rolls . It most commonly found in Malaysia in 50 cm X 50 cm size .
In order to keep cost low they are cut in the square shape however there is also a variety of different shapes however that would only cause an increase in cost . For commercial purposes carpet ,tiles are the best option. If you need to use carpet in high traffic areas then carpet tiles are your best option as if it gets damaged you can just remove the damage piece rather than replace the entire roll that a conventional carpet comes in.
Carpet tiles creates a very comfortable environment and it’s easy to install and also easy maintenance . Click here to see how to install carpet tiles . 

 1 . Some benefits of carpet tiles

Carpet Tiles are the easiest to remove or replace  if repairs are needed to any electrical cables  or access to sub floor panels .Examples of such places are conference/meeting room and call centre type locations .

Carpet tiles pieces are lightweight that makes it easier to carry and move it around at the installation site .It’s lightweight that makes it easier to carry and move it around at the installation site .

Carpet Tile installation results in far lesser wastages especially in a non square or geometric shaped room . Therefore, reducing the cost of carpet tiles .Results in far lesser wastages especially in a non square or geometric shaped room. Therefore, reducing the cost of carpet tiles .

 2. Better designs and colours

With continuously evolving technology carpet tiles offers better designs, colours and texture . Carpet tiles gives interior designers better flexibility and it can be custom made to the customer’s or designers preference .It truly removes the boundaries of  imagination

3. With emerging technologies there is no longer a very boxy appearance to a carpet tile flooring .


4. 3 tips on carpet tiles

a)   Carpet tiles comes
in solid colours or patterned carpet tiles.

b)   It can be installed
in different styles or settings.

c)    Depending on
project objective different carpet tiles can be used to create an effect .


Carpet tiles is a superior choice for small to mid size job sites to create a luxurious
look . It provides unlimited range of design possibilities . 

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