Top 10 Korean Wallpaper Designs 2021 -2022

Furnishings Hub is a one stop soft furnishings centre located in Puchong , Selangor . We have literally 7000 active running wallpaper designs over 100 collections . Today let us share with you some of the best korean wallpaper designs that are currently trending in Malaysia . Want to purchase on an installment plan with low monthly payments click here

  1. Bricks Korean Wallpaper

Brick korean wallpaper Malaysia

Brick korean wallpaper Malaysia

For over 800 years red bricks have been used in the constructions of buildings . But yet today , red bricks korean wallpaper with a white wash effect are among the best selling wallpaper on the market . Not only does it feel realistic but the paper is rich in texture .

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2. Floral Inspired Designs

Korean wallpaper malaysia Green leaves

Being in a tropical country such as Malaysia , tropical wallpapers have always had a place in our decorative environment . Get a sense of serenity with this wallpaper . It promotes a state of peace and calm .

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3. Industrial Inspired Cement Look

grey industrial korean wallpaper malaysia

Create vital space by giving a new stimulation through sensible design and creative fabric sensation wallpapers . It delivers various energy to modern people who are tired of same life pattern.

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4.Modern 3D Wallpapers

SQUARE 10234-3

Korean Wallpaper with basic geometric arrangements, delicate three-dimensional effect and solid colour palette would deliver us the ease and comfort as well as the creation of lively space by combining bold and contrasting geometric, color and patterns.

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5. Marble Wallpapers

SQUARE 10233-2

Marble wallpapers have always been a trend in Malaysia .However , we are now seeing more exclusive marble wallpapers and textures being released . This particular wallpaper adds exclusiveness and elegance to it’s area .

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6. Children’s Wallpapers

SYM3 GK023-1

There are also cloud wallpapers . Did you know that korean wallpapers can also be installed onto your ceiling ? Give a fresh look to your kid’s room ceiling .

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8. Wood Wallpapers

Wood Korean Wallpaper

Dining Room in High Barnet family home, London by Paul Archer Design

Wood or wooden inspired wallpapers that provide a texture that feels like wood . It’s the closest option instead of using actual wooden panels and cut’s cost as well .

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9. Japanese/Korean Floral Styled Wallpaper

Floral german wallpaper malaysia

This german wallpaper is by far one of the favourites of creative designers and for clients who are in the creative space. It promotes a dose of peace and creativity.
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10 . Embroidery Styled Hotel Wallpaper


Ever wanted to get a feel of a 5 star hotel in your very own living room ? You can . This wallpaper has an embroidry effect and promotes the same exclusiveness and elegance as what is found in a premium 5 start hotel .

Want to view this amazing embroidery styled hotel korean wallpaper ,click here


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